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OUR HOUSE Dog Training

in Braselton, Georgia

We provide Expert Dog Training Services in Braselton GA | Unleash Your Dog’s Full Potential with Our House!

Our in-depth training program is perfect for dogs that are 6 months or older. Dogs that are less than 3 years old have the ability to retain and expedite the learning process. Dogs that are older than 3 years old are very trainable but require patience and consistency.

We address dog problems that are created through miscommunication from owners to dogs. Sometimes the best of our intentions create issues that develop with owners and their best friend(s) and manifest in behaviors that may create the guarding of their favorite human. If you have a newly adopted fur-baby that’s difficult to handle, we can help. Often times we become too busy to socialize our dogs leaving our dogs with unwanted manners.

Dog Training Programs

Take The Lead Dog Training (Average stay 14 days)

$1,800 (LIMITED TIME) Normally $2,500 includes overnight stays, training program, & 2 in-person training lessons. Your dog will be trained on:

  • Sit-Position (On Leash and Off Leash)
  • Sit Nice at Your Side (On Leash)
  • Heel (On Leash)
  • Release Command (Allows dog to know when they can break from a command)
  • Down Position
  • Sit-Stay (Hold in Sit-Stay for at least 3 minutes)
  • Down-Stay (Hold Down-Stay for at least 3 minutes)
  • Recall Training (To come when called.)
  • Polite Greeting on Leash (No jumping on people)
  • All techniques are trained with distractions
  • Dogs are taken off-site to learn in public environments 
  • 14 Days

    Dog Basic Training (Average stay 14 days)

    $1,800 includes overnight stays, training program & 2 in-person training lessons. Your dog will be trained on:

    • Sit-Position (On Leash and Off Leash)
    • Sit Nice at Your Side (On Leash)
    • Heel (On Leash)
    • Release Command (Allows dog to know when they can break from a command)
    • Down Position
    • Sit-Stay
    • Down-Stay
    • Recall Training (To come when called.)
    • Polite Greeting on Leash
    • All techniques are trained with distractions
    • At Our House Braselton only, no off-site Training

      Transformation Dog Training (Average stay 21 Days)

      $2,800 – includes overnight stays, training program, & 3 in-person lessons

      • Fear
      • Anxiety
      • Nervousness
      • Dogs learn the Take the Lead skills and address behavioral issues
      • Anger Management Dog Training

        $2,800 – $3,000 – includes overnight stays, training program, & 3 in-person lessons

        • Human Aggression
        • Dog Aggression
        • Resource Aggression
        • Dogs learn the Take the Lead skills and address behavior issues

      Doggy Day School (Dogs that have completed any above program)

      Monday – Friday
      Starts at 07:30 – 9:00 am and Pick-up 4:00 – 6:00 pm

      Sit, stay, down, “come” aka recall, loose leash walking, by-my-side, spin, twirl, play dead, rollover, moving backward, distance downing, moving downs, crawling, weaving between legs, circling your body, rebounding off your person, intro to frisbee/disc, intro to fetch and bringing the toy back, other requests may be considered. Behavior modification may be considered but a meeting must be scheduled with the trainer before acceptance to a program.

      How Doggy Day School Works

      Your student will come to Our House Braselton and work with our trainers and socialize with other dogs during training when possible. Your dog will get their training sessions spaced out throughout the day and participate in doggy daycare when possible. The more frequent your student participates in training the higher levels of retention will be obtained. You as the owner will prioritize what the training goals are. Depending on the training goal your pup may need other skills taught before moving onto that skill. Each day you will receive a report card on their progress.

      Why Doggy Day School

      When you’re dog needs a refresher Doggy Day School is the answer.  This works really great because our trainers can fine tune new issues or add much needed enrichment with new tricks or behaviors that weren’t taught during their board and train program.  When you have a dog that you want to have constant attention and work this is a great method to help your dog with getting that extra attention and training.  The more training session you select during a stay the higher the level of retention and the better your dogs ability is to learn the new behavior. 

      Beginning of Each Day starts at $60 and has 2 training sessions.

      All subsequent training sessions on the same day are $20, maximum of 6 sessions per day

      Complimentary Lesson with you and your student after 10 sessions.

      Doggie Day School Field Trips – Coming Soon

      About Our House Braselton Dog Trainer:

      Darrell has a history of working in military special operations and policing. During his career in both of these fields he became a trainer of various skill sets. Darrell has developed training methods using Balance Training. He has gained his experienced from Training with other dog trainers in the Metro Atlanta area that have coached and mentored him. Darrell has since gone onto train other dog trainers and has trained 100’s of dogs in areas of behavior modification, off-leash training, basic and intermediate obedience over the years at OHB sister location Smith Farms Boarding Kennels.

      Now he’s developing a premier team of trainers at Our House Braselton to bring superb service to the Braselton community. The most important issue we understand at Our House Braselton is that the dog team (you and your pup) have to be trained together in order for success to be achieved. 

      Our Philosophy

      Balance Training at Our House Braselton uses positive reinforcement to mold the proper behavior and create the leadership methods required for the trained behaviors to continue. We use treats, toys, slip collars, prong collars, e-collars, and other trained dogs to help your dog become the best companion he/she can be. This allows for fast results. It also offers owners the tools they need to maintain the desired behaviors from their dogs with or without the use of treats, toys, or other positive reinforcement tools.



      To make any dog training program successful, the owner must commit to follow through for the rest of the dog’s life. This means, after being briefed on what commands/behaviors the dog has learned and how to implement them, it is up to the owner to maintain those behaviors consistently in everyday life. As you help your dog acclimate to any environment (and not just the environments they were exposed to while in their training program) behaviors will be reinforced and skills strengthened. Because dogs learn at different rates and part of their success depends also on the owner’s commitment, (it is ultimately up to the owner to continue implementing the training as to maintain all the work done in their dog’s training program), no dog training guarantees can be made. However, we are always a phone call away for follow up questions and to provide assistance for help in generalizing the behaviors taught! As well as can do any follow up lessons as necessary!

      When training has been completed, your dog will be able to perform the techniques with little to no-correction needed. Once your dog graduates you will have a one-hour session with our dog trainer to teach you the training methods. Your leadership and comfort with these commands will help both you and your pet succeed after our training is complete.

      Dog training experts at Our House Braselton are available for assistance in the future if any needs come up related to the trained behaviors for dogs that complete our intensive programs.

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