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Monday-Saturday 7:30am-6pm
Sunday 2pm-6pm



Grooming Includes Bath

Prices are based on a 6-8 week maintenance groom.  Any groom over 9 weeks will be subject to additional charges


Under 25lbs $67
26-60lbs – $88
61-80lbs – $100
81 and Over- $116
Blueberry Facial – $15
Sugar Scrub – $20
Flea Treatment -$20
Nail Painting -$10

Short Coat Baths

25lbs and Under $25
26-60lbs $35
61-80lbs $45

Luxury Bath Rates

Under 25lbs – $40
26-60lbs – $50
61-80lbs – $60
81-and Over- $70


Nails Trim- $14


$15 per 15 minute increment


$15 per 15 minute increment


Bath – $60
Grooming -$100

Pets that need extra care will incur additional charges.  Extra care can be behavioral costs, dogs that require to be carried during grooming, or dogs that need lots of breaks do to health issues but not limited to these examples. 

Policy regarding Grooming Appointments

Grooming Policy: Our pet stylist works on commission and depends on clients arriving for their scheduled appointment.  Please give us two business days’ notice via email to that you would like to cancel in advance to avoid a $25 cancellation policy.  Phone calls will not suffice.  Grooming dogs must be dropped off between 0800am-1000am on the day of their appointment, or they are considered a no-show cancellation.


Below is the new doodle pricing chart. This chart uses inches and is based off of the measurement of the top of your pup shoulder to the bottom of the front leg.

Small / mini (0-23 inches) $87
Medium / Large (23 – 30 inches) $110 – $145
Large/ Extra Large (30- 37 inches) $160 – $175


How do I know the Size of my Doodle?

Use a measuring tape and measure the length from the top of your pup’s shoulder to the bottom of the front leg.

Why is there a big difference in the medium/ large pricing?

The pricing is based on the size of your doodle. If you are unsure about the cost please feel free to call and ask for help on how to measure your pup. The difference is to show the price difference between if your doodle is larger or more medium size based on where they fall in between those numbers.

What if I am unable to measure my pup? 

If you are unsure of the price of your doodle or are unable to measure your pup at home, you are more than welcomed to come check us out in person and we can help give you a more accurate estimate.

If I am a returning client do I have to measure my doodle?

If our groomer is very familiar with your pup, we may be able to give you an estimate based on our grooming history.