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Monday-Saturday 7:30am-6pm
Sunday 2pm-6pm

Doggy Daycare

in Braselton, Georgia

Why Our House Braselton?

  • Your dog will love us – and you will too.
  • Your dog will experience supervised group play with similar-sized dogs in our bark-filled play yards.
  • Your dog will get at least 1.5 hours of play sessions throughout the day.
  • Please bring treats and one meal so we can best care for your pup.
  • During rest breaks, your dog will go to an individual den or suite to receive their treats, take a nap, and rehydrate, in our centrally-heated and air-conditioned facility.
  • Pups coming for daycare have no medication fees.
  • Daycare can’t be combined with boarding stays.

Standard or Suites – Day Rate

$23 for one dog

$13 for each additional dog in the same den

What our Doggy Daycare Provides

Safe Socialization for Dogs

Your dog wants to play, but we know pet parents might be concerned about their safety and well-being. Dogs are always supervised by our staff during group play. Dogs were born to be with other dogs but have, over time, grown extremely fond of people. Through doggie daycare at Our House Braselton, we help teach your dogs to interact with other dogs from the very beginning. This helps foster that positive interaction they have when they’re with you and also when meeting new dogs at dog parks, public stores, or dog neighbors.

Doggie Daycare Provides Boredom Prevention

Dogs left at home may not have enough stimulation allowing time for mischief – even with a dog sitter. Sometimes that valuable couch or expensive pair of shoes might look like an awesome toy: “I mean, why not, the pumps smell just like my mom, and the couch is where the family hangs out when they’re home?” Doggie daycare gives pups hours to run and play – and reduces their opportunity to chew and destroy.

Doggy Daycare Requirements

Your dog’s first day of daycare will always include a “temperament test” day to be sure they will fit in and enjoy our luxury doggie daycare experience. During the testing, we are evaluating the body language and behavior during group play to ensure that doggie daycare at Our House Braselton is the right fit for your fur-baby. Some dogs that do well with long-term boarding may not be right for daycare. Keep in mind that almost all puppies will pass the “temperament test.” We will always separate big dogs and small dogs. Aggressive dogs are simply not allowed. Daycare is limited to group play dogs only.

Vaccinations Are Required

Rabies, Bordetella (Canine Cough), and Distemper/Parvo vaccines are required with proper documentation before acceptance into doggie daycare. If you have a young puppy please call and discuss the situation for any exceptions that may be made. Canine Influenza is strongly recommended please see policies for additional information.

Spayed or Neutered

All dogs attending doggy daycare must be spayed or neutered. If you have a young puppy please call and discuss the situation for any exceptions that may be made.

*Don’t forget to send treats to daycare! Because we don’t want to upset your dog’s stomach while they visit with us, we ask that all parents provide treats for us to share with your pups.