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Premium Dog Boarding, Training and Grooming Services Near Lawrenceville, Georgia

Positioned conveniently close to Lawrenceville Georgia, Our House – Braselton sets the standard for exceptional dog boarding and grooming services. If you’re searching for premier dog boarding facilities accompanied by grooming and spa services in and around Lawrenceville, ‘Our House’ should be your first call.

Lawrenceville is nestled in the northeastern region of Georgia and is the vibrant county seat of Gwinnett County. Known as the “Heart of Gwinnett County,” Lawrenceville is home to the serene Rhodes Jordan Park offering fantastic natural vistas and recreational activities like boating and birdwatching. Lawrenceville is renowned for its historic downtown area, featuring a range of shops, museums, and centers dedicated to art and culture. We are not far from Lawrenceville. You can entrust your pet to ‘Our House’ for an enjoyable experience while discovering all that Lawrenceville offers.

Lawrenceville Dog Boarding and Spa Experience

Dog owners of Lawrenceville, GA, seeking unparalleled boarding accommodations and spa services for their pets should look no further than Our House – Braselton. Here at Our House, we acknowledge the concerns about leaving your pet under someone else’s care. We strive to ensure every dog has a safe, exciting, and comfortable experience during their stay with us. Contact us today to secure your dog’s long-term boarding stay, and schedule a grooming appointment during their stay!

Superior Dog Grooming Near Lawrenceville

At Our House – Braselton, we insist on using only the highest quality dog grooming products that contribute to maintaining your dog’s vibrant skin and coat. We have a knack for grooming even the most challenging dogs, employing a mix of patience, affection, and positive reinforcement. Experts from ‘Our House’ are available on-site to answer your questions about dog nutrition, coat, skin and nails, frequency of care, and appropriate product selection. We also offer the luxury of a warm, rejuvenating bath for your dog after their stay with us, or you can simply drop your pet for an indulgent bath and play session with our dog grooming services. Learn more here.

Dog Training Near Lawrenceville

‘Our House – Braselton’ is also renowned for its superior dog training services in the wider Atlanta area. Our professional dog trainers specialize in K-9 (K9) Training, Dog Behavior Modification, Dog Rehabilitation, and Socialization as part of our holistic training approach. To delve deeper into the variety of training options provided, please check out this page.

Doggy Day School near Lawrenceville

Operating from Monday – Thursday, drop-off starts at 07:30 – 9:00 am and pick-up is between 4:00 – 6:00 pm.

‘Our House Braselton’ proudly presents our unique doggie day school for pet parents in Lawrenceville, GA. We offer training in an array of commands including sit, stay, down, “come” aka recall, loose leash walking, by-my-side, spin, twirl, play dead, roll over, moving backward, distance downing, moving downs, crawling, weaving between legs, circling your body, rebounding off your person, introduction to frisbee/disc, introduction to fetch and bringing the toy back, among others.

Your pet’s day at ‘Our House Braselton’ will be filled with engaging training sessions from our experienced trainers and opportunities to socialize with other dogs during training sessions, whenever feasible. Your pet will engage in well-spaced training sessions throughout the day and partake in our doggy daycare when suitable. Regular training sessions will greatly enhance your pet’s retention of the skills taught. Learn more by visiting this page.