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Monday-Saturday 7:30am-6pm
Sunday 2pm-6pm

Important Information

  •  Please note that we may be closed or have different hours on all major holidays.
  • Major holidays are also subject to minimum charge requirements and may require deposits.
  • If your pet is being groomed on the morning that you are scheduled to pick up you will have 2 hours from the time we call to pick up without being charged for that day.


For the safety and comfort of all our guests, we must require proof of vaccinations by a licensed veterinarian or a current titer.  Bordetella takes at least 5 days for the vaccination to take. Dogs must have Bordetella given with enough time for the vaccination to be active prior to boarding. A list is provided below for your convenience. These must be current within the past 12 months or per the recommendations of your personal veterinarian- except 3 year Rabies or 3-year DHLPP.  Canine influenza is strongly recommended for your dogs as there is currently an outbreak in Florida and Alabama as of 2022.  Dogs that don’t have Canine Influenza, two stages of vaccines covered for H3N8 and H3N2 will not have medical expenses covered for any possible sickness related to our services.   We do accept a titer on all vaccines except Bordetella and Rabies.  Cats require Feluk, Rabies, and FVRCP. Please email a copy before your arrival so that we may add them to our files. This will give us ample opportunity to call you if we find something missing or expired. After your information is entered into our computer records, it will only need to be updated when your pet receives new vaccines on an annual basis. While we will try to remind you should we see that the vaccines are expired, it is the sole responsibility of the owner to keep their pets’ vaccines updated and provide us with current information. Please be aware that most vets are closed at noon on Sat. and closed on Sundays and most Holidays. If you arrive and we do not have access to current vaccine records and cannot verify through your veterinarian’s office, your pet cannot stay with us. If we must make arrangements for them to get their vaccines, there will be a $75 service charge in addition to the vet fees. You may email current vaccine records to