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We offer a variety of activities for our guests pleasure. While we give all of our guests the very best care and attention, many of them enjoy adding a few extra activities to their agenda for a fun filled vacation experience. These services are a la carte and may be ordered in any way that best suits your pet’s needs. Some activities are seasonal-you may inquire at check in.

Cuddle Time:

A 15 minute session of one-on-one “special time” with a staff member. This is great for pets that prefer a more sedate atmosphere. It can include cuddling, brushing, playing inside or just some quiet lap time. This is a favorite for some of our kitty guests.

Nature Walks:

A 15 minute leisurely stroll around the 7 acre property. We use our own dual leash system to give your pet the highest level of security during their walk. A great experience for every pup.

Park Play Time:

All of our boarding offers group play included in the normal boarding rate.  If you desire additional play times we can certainly accommodate a park play session for you.  A fun filled romp in our fenced in bark or grass yards. This can be a great off leash energy burner for active pets to play ball & chase or leisure time for the more inactive pet that wants to explore at their own pace. They can see other dogs but have their playtime in a private fenced yard. These sessions are offered in 15 or 30 minute increments for the entire family.  

Make Me Famous:

Your pet deserves to have their own following, get them posted to our Facebook and Instagram page for all your friends to see.  Photos are posted by the following day.

Group Play:

A supervised 20-minute group play session in our fully fenced yards with other dogs.  All dogs are temperament tested prior to being admitted to group play sessions.  All boarding dogs are able to join these sessions if they are spayed or neutered, and dog and human friendly!  If for some reason your dog starts out in group and gets moved out of group we will certainly communicate these issues with you.